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WebTide's Django competence & offering


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Open Source Web Application Framework

WebTide started using Django in February 2010 to develop an interactive website for Tracks4Africa. This is almost a perfect example of the highly customized development work that Django is best suited for.

Django uses relational databases as its underlying data store, while offering developers an excellent high-level, abstracted, database API for defining, updating and querying data models and general interaction with the database. It does a very good job of hiding the relational database from developers.

The underlying programming language is Python, which is itself a very productive development language. Django Web Applications consists of "views" written in Python that typically retrieves data from the database, and renders the result using HTML templates. Django offers a rich templating framework, for easy template development. It also allows developers to easily create their own custom template tags and filters to extend what Django offers.

Django web applications is typically a collection of small products that each provide a small set of focused functionality. A large collection of open source products are available when starting a new web application. Some product suites have also started to appear that provide the basics for web applications like CMS, shopping, blogging, etc.

  • Developed by WebTide:
    • We have developed the Tracks4Africa website, excluding the interactive maps.
    • We are currently developing and testing a shopping-cart checkout module to enable Satchmo to authorise payments with the South African Virtual Card Services payment provider.
  • Supported & customisable by WebTide:
    • Django CMS and FeinCMS to provide Content Management functionality either stand alone or integrated with an existing Django website.
    • Satchmo. This is a Django shopping solution that can be used stand alone, or integrated into an existing Django website.
  • Hosted by WebTide
    • Django custom web application hosting, Django CMS hosting and Satchmo SaaS options are available
  • Django Demos: