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About WebTide

The WebTide Story


WebTide was founded in Cape Town, South Africa, in October 2003, as a closed corporation. Initially the company acted in a sub-contracting role to provide development and maintenance services to GijimaAST. We were active in the financial services industry on their behalf.

The remaining founding member, Jurgen Blignaut, started using open source software in 1997, and loved the control that it gave back to a developer. By September 2006, when an opportunity presented itself to be involved in a new website development project using the open source Plone CMS, WebTide changed its focus completely towards becoming a provider of open source software services. We were still sub-contracting to other companies, including Upfront Systems in Stellenbosch. For the next 3 years we were exclusively focusing on building websites using Plone.

During this time, Jurgen met Mike Metcalfe, and when the recession of 2008/9 finally ended the relationship with Upfront Systems, the pair decided to become an independent IT service provider. Mike was added as a member of the company early in 2010. He is currently our hosting and Plone expert.

Since then, we have also obtained experience building websites using the Django framework. We built the new community website for Tracks4Africa in collaboration with linifiniti, who implemented the GIS components of the site.